Money Robot Review: What is, how it works and how much cost it.

Money Robot Review: What is, how it works and how much cost it.

Internet 14/10/2022 Daniel Lamps

Money Robot Review: What is, how it works and how much cost it.

If you came here to our Money Robot Review, it’s because you´re lookin for opinions about this software  who can make automatic links to Linkbuilding… Well, you’re on the right place! because we use it! Since like a year and we buy the all lifetime license by usd497. So, let me show you my experience.

What is MoneyRobot?

MoneyRobot is a link builder software, or automatic linkbuilding. With Money Robot you can create ilimitated projects or campains to send the anchor text that you need to de web page that you want. It’s a really friendly software and easy to use it if you know about SEO.

Why we buy the MoneyRobot license?

Because in ESBUENISIMO LABS create solutions to SEO problems for small to big enterprises, let them on the first places of Google. So, we help them correcting the Onpage SEO in their webpages with another technical problems, and, well, all we do SEO knows that sometimes we have to put links on the webpages.

Obviously, we have experimented with all kind of links, in fact, we have our own webpages network, this´re some journals with a very good Domain Rating (DR), but we know to, that with this network it’s not enough, so we have links providers with their own private blogs network and we use links in some medias with links marketing platforms, like you can find on Spain, Argentina, and other countries.

So, someday, someone told us about MoneyRobot, and if we would like to prove it sending us link for 100usd. In that moment ESBUENISIMO NEWS just have 4 points of DR (domain rating) and a very small trafic, so we decided to prove it and we send links to a URL by MoneyRobot. After a long time this URL arrived to the firs places on Google!. The truth is that it was a moderate difficulty Keyword, so we didn´t felt like “Wow, it’s amazing”, but, we proved it again. After 2 or 3 controlled proves more, we decided to buy the license to keep going proving and undoubtedly, it was the best decision! Because it meant saving money by not outsourcing this service.

After we buy it we have had a lot of test (always on our owns medias, and very controlled) because the software can send you a thousand of links in a very short time, so you have to use it becarefully.

To us MoneyRobot was a very good solution to TIER 1. It meant, to buy a good link from  a DR 40 -70 media, if you have the money, and to this link shot it money robots links to push it with all you have.

Now, if you have your own PBN or media, Money Robot can be a big help to position keywords without risk . We never have seen to one of our client penalized, but it’s so much better to prevent it, no?

Ok, let´s go to see Money Robot inside, with the next screenshot.

Money Robot review

First you have to know is that you have to download Money Robot on your Pc, it doesn´t work on the cloud, so, if you buy the license, you need to download it.

You don´t need a very super mega gamer PC, we work on a Lenovo 710s Plus DDR4, so don’t you think you have to use a Ferrari PC because it’s not necessary… Obviously, don’t try with an ATARI from 1990´.

When it start, it’s very fast and all run well, the only observation is that it has a little learning curve on the texts use. Remember that it is a software created on USA, so all texts that Money Robots create are in english (If you’re from Latin America or some spanish talk country)

Here you can see the start screen with all the projects running (we erased the projects with paint, sorry ;) )

If you look up, to the left, can see “New Campaign”. This button makes magic!

When you push the button, it open a new work window where you can say to the robot what URL you want to work

Obviously you’re goin to decide the keyword that you want to work with, to technically, the anchor text

To this moment, everything it’s ok, it’s very simple, but when you put the text or spintax, it comes a little bit complicated, but just a little, because this software was created in USA to not been detected by other robots  that you’re shooting thousand of URL with the right anchor, so this puts anchor by defect on the spintax like “More info”, “visit”, Site”,…

If you choose  the “Create unique articles using MR Article Builder” option, the software create a spintax text in English with the keyword linked to the URL that you want to send the links

We believe it’s better to create your own spintax and add it  in the Article Body zone, Same thing with the Article Tittle.

If you already pasted the spintax, push Start “Campaign”

There you will see on the right zone, how the software starts to create the links. The time it takes depends of the campaigns size, For example, The High Competíos links can take bettween 2 - 5 days, if you let running your pc day at night.

To down competion campaigns it only takes a day.

¿How much time takes to see the first links on AHrefs?

About 2-3 weeks it start to index the links on AHrefs or any other Data Driven Software.

¿How much time you can see the definitive links on AHRefs?

It depends to the campaign size the you did. We have seen definitive links for 2 weeks on High campaings.

They are a few tricks more that you can do with Money Robots, it’s a great instrument to go forward fast, but… We know what we’re talking about so, we stop here jeje.

If you work doing SEO and you whant to have options of links, clearly we recommend it.

This software could be a bomb if you could direct the links to a specific blogs networks (it’s the only one observation)

Here you can buy the software! —> Here!

If you buy it and need more help to accelerate the process, send us an email  and we teach you some tricks to change the anchor from English to spanish.

Here you can pay with PayPal ;)

In brief, the software works, and have free links for your sites or whatever you need to do. All this kind of  software have something in common, they pay themself and meant a very good inversion. Definitely Money Robot is on this category, like AHRefs, Semrush, Syntax, and others.

In the next banner you can go to the website and try with a trial period, pay the monthly subscription or buy de license. We really hope this Money Robot review have helped you

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